Yehu Moran

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Yehu studied from 2001-2010 at Tel Aviv University where he obtained a BSc in Life Sciences, MSc in Biochemistry and PhD working on sea anemone toxins. Then he moved to the lab of Ulrich Technau at the University of Vienna to study the evolution of post-transcriptional regulation by small RNAs. Since January 2014 he is an assistant professor(officially called in the Israeli academic system "senior lecturer") at the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Our Research

I am an experimental biologist. I find the interface between bioinformatics, genomics and experimental biology very exciting but I'm not a CS person. I was trained in a wide range of biochemical techniques as my master degree is in biochemistry. In my PhD my topics of research switched more intoevolution and in my postdoc I also added developmental biology into the mix. I believe cnidarians are a wonderful research system if you want to get a perspective about what animal life looked like 600 million years ago since this is when they diverged from the rest of the animals.  Despite being considered "primitive" they share with us humans sophisticated cell types, including neurons and muscles.  The interesting topics you can study with this system are endless. However, time is limited and we focus on the following topics: